[QC & ONT] : Fiber Unlimited data internet plans for cheap.

You might switch internet service provider (ISP) after this post.

Carrytel is running a promo right now, you can get 50 Mpbs download and 10 Mpbs upload internet speed with unlimited data for 49.99$/month – yes please.

Here are the Quebec prices, even cheaper in Ontario !


No contract – you can cancel at anytime. You have to buy the modem (check kijiji, theyre going for cheap) or lease it, there is an installation fee of 80$ like any other provider.





2 thoughts on “[QC & ONT] : Fiber Unlimited data internet plans for cheap.

  1. They advertised 7 days free trail on their website, but they don’t tell you that’s only for customers who buy modem from them. Instead, CIK Telecom is much more reliable.

  2. I have been with CIK for a little over, I’ve personally never experienced bad customer service, in fact they’re extremely polite. There’s sometimes a bit of a language barrier but that’s life, everything is exported these days in way of call centers. My internet is just fine, the cable is fine. You’re not going to get all the bells and whistles with Bell and Rogers.. But their prices are astronomical, and I’ve wasted hours on the phone, being transferred here and there and hung up on way more times then I can count. This has NEVER happened with CIK.. I can’t relate with people who call and no one answers for days. I call, and I’m speaking with someone almost immediately, and the problem is fixed in under 20 minutes. Their prices can’t be beat, I’m totally fine with there services.

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