Yamaha 8” Active Subwoofer 99$

Historical LOW price, was 200$

8-Inch multi-range driver with magnetic shielding
High 100 W dynamic power
Low (28-200Hz) frequency response
Linear Port for minimizing extraneous noise
Front-firing active subwoofer

The YSTSW012 subwoofer features a high performance front-firing, active design. Capable of handling 100W of dynamic power, this subwoofer ensures that you hear all bass sounds, even the loudest short bursts, with fast attack and total clarity. It provides power and detailed, accurate reproduction in a compact unit. The Linear Port provides smooth bass response during playback and minimizing extraneous noise. The powerful, cone driver is exceptionally large (8″) for this class of subwoofer. And, magnetic shielding means there is no distortion-causing interference when the speaker is placed near a TV or other monitor.



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