13000mAh Power Bank for cellphones and laptop, 21$

Fits Apple and Android devices.

Do not forget to APPLY the 5$ OFF COUPON

  • DUAL USB POWER BANK – 2.1A &1A Output It Can Charge Two Smart Devices Simultaneously.We Recommend 1A Output for Smaller Devices Like Smartphone, MP3, etc. 2.1A for Tablet. Fast Charging Input Ensure Our Power Bank Can be Recharged Much Faster (9-10Hours Recharge with a 1.5A or 2A Output Charger (most phone chargers have only 1A))
  • SMART DIGITRON POWER DISPLAY & AUTO On/Off – Percentage Indicator is an Excellent Feature.Digital Display Instead of 4~5 Led Indicators,You Can know How Much Power left and How Much Further You Have to Go to Charge Up the Battery Pack till Full Charge Without any Guesswork.When Fully Charged,The Display Will Read “99”.Power Bank Shuts Off When No Device is Connected for 12s or Short Circuit or Overload Output Occurred While Unit is Charging. Auto Power on Immediately When Device is Connected


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