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How often do you hear someone say “I bought this – got a huge deal on it” ?

Most of the time, it wasn’t a real deal. Fact of the manner is that most flyer deals you see every week aren’t real deals either. It’s called marketing.

Most retailers just boost up their prices prior and advertise “40% OFF” or “WE PAY THE TAXES”.

Indeed, most normal human being don’t have time to monitor prices fluctuation, nor have the memory to remember at what price that item was at location X during Z time period. So you run to the store, after a hard day at work, buy the item you’ve been eyeing since three weeks. You get to the checkout lane, so confident you made a huge deal. You go back to your car, check your receipt and see “YOU JUST SAVED 40$”. Great deal you tell yourself, you go home and show your wife how much of a huge deal you got.

But it wasn’t a huge deal, marketing got you, and I am amazed how human beings gets caught so easily, every time. I’m here to help you.

… And that is exactly why I created

We monitor, with bots and algorithms :

  • Price drops : retailers price drops, those happens frequently but most retailers advertised them as deals, beware, i’ll also indicate it.
  • Price errors : you have to act VERY fast with those, I will mention PRICE ERROR in the post title when it happens, you have to buy as fast as possible to have a chance.
  • Real deals : those deals who comes once every few months, mostly from big online retailers who can afford to sell lower than the MSRP

The gas station case

Here’s another thing, how many times you pass by a gas station, see a huge line-up. You set your eyes on the other side of the street, oh, the gas station in front is 4 cents below the one with the line-up.

I always end up in the empty gas station, why ?

Say one station has a price of 1.12$/Liter and the other one, still at 1.24$/Liter.

Everyone is at the 1.12$/Liters station, right, a 10 minutes lineup.

Say you drive a Honda Civic, the most sold car in Canada, it has a 46.9 Liters tank. Say you’re 3/4 empty, you put 35L of gas.

Station A @ 1.12 L cost you 39.20$ to fill up, at least 10 minutes wasted.

Station B @ 1.24L cost you 43.40$ to fill up, zero time wasted.

So you waited 10 minutes, raging impatiently to save 4.20$ ? That’s right.

And yet – people don’t take time to shop around the internet to save more than 10-500$ on electronics and various household items ?

… And that is exactly why I created, enjoy.


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