Dual USB Car charger – Heritage cookware 10 pc – Playstation Plus 12 months

Dual USB Car Charger


This is one of the best “generic” car charger on the market. 4.8A/24W is very powerful. The reviews are very good.


Heritage The Rock Biclad cookware 10 pc



Sick price from CT for this 10 pieces cookware, quality stuff.

PlayStation Plus 12 months


Those cards rarely go under the retail 49.99$ price.

Philips Wake-up Light 69$ & Nova Launcher Prime 99 cents


Philips HF3505/60 Wake-Up Light with Radio

69.99$ for this sunrise simulation light, as usual, free shipping with Amazon.ca

Nova Launcher Prime 99 cents 

For all the Android users here, Nova Launcher Prime is on sale for 0.99$ on the Play Store, down from 5$. Nova Launcher is already known to be the best launcher on the Android market. For 99 cents, it’s a no brainer.

Uber 15$ Free & Dominos pizza 50% off

I’m personally a huge fan of Uber.

Your credit card information is pre-loaded in the application, just open the app, it will locate you automatically, you know right away how many times you have to wait before arrival (mostly <5minutes), you know the brand of the car, color, picture of the driver to come pick u up.

What’s even better is when you’re at your destination, you just have to open the door, say thanks and leave. No more fussing around trying to find money, or using the 1962 credit card carbon copy machine, easy, fast and efficient.


Just use promo code “AIRMILES25” in the app to get a free 15$ for your first ride.



Domino’s pizza is having a 50% off promo off ANY item in their online menu, that’s insane. To get you an idea, you can get a 8 toppings large pizza for 11.30$ tax included. Use coupon code “CAG5014” in the app or on their website.  Offer is valid until December 6th.