Costco 55” Haier 4K UHD TV 499$

3840×2160 resolution, this is THE ultimate bang for the buck UHD TV.



As I said numerous time on this site, Haier is a premium brand in China. They came in America a few years ago in the TV market and did zero (0$) marketing. They’re the top bang for the buck brand right now in America.


The price is 499$ in-store and 529$ + eco fees online.

Shipping is free but you pay 30$ more to have it delivered to your house, mind you, a 55” TV box is huge and heavy, 30$ for shipping is well worth the non-hassle in my book.


Basic warranty is 2 years, you can add another two years with the Costco extended warranty. If you never used that warranty, it’s the best extended warranty in Canada. Unlike BestBuy/FutureShop, they exchange on the stop, almost no questions asked. Well worth the extra 60$ for the warranty.


Here is the online link for the 529 + eco fee price :


IN-Store for the 499$ Price.


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